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Moonlight on Water

Coming 2024

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Synopsis & Trailer

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Moonlight On Water Trailer 2023

Moonlight On Water Trailer 2023

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Thank you for venturing to the main project page! I am very excited to announce the trailer for my new film, Moonlight On Water.

After falling in love with dance from an early age, young Layla decides to pursue a career as a professional ballerina. However, when she loses her hearing to Meniere’s disease, her goals become fleeting. Despite those around her suggesting other career paths and telling her her dreams are impossible, Layla remains steadfast as she discovers new strength from within to pursue her dreams.


This film seeks to create opportunities for actors and creatives in the deaf and hard-of-hearing community as well as preserve American Sign Language within mainstream media; As the majority of the film is communicated in sign language.


My goal is to inspire those in the deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing communities to continue to pursue their dreams no matter how difficult the journey may be. It also serves to educate humanity and diverge our perspective of thinking to understand that being differently-abled doesn't mean your dreams are impossible.



Cast & Crew

Director, Writer

Kayla Saunders

Assistant Director

Chloe Shelton


Victoria Covell
Betsy Quillen
Madame Marie
Bethany Reinhart

Dylan Trail

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