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Almost Home


Thank you for venturing to the main project page! I am very excited to announce that my team and I will be producing my original screenplay, Almost Home this February 2020.

This heartfelt story recounts the tragic 2003 event of the explosion of the Space Shuttle Columbia and the aftermath faced by one family. Though many have forgotten about the event, the Space Shuttle Columbia, on its last flight, came to a tragic ending after it broke apart and exploded just16 minutes from home. It is this fact that inspired the title of this project, because the crew members on board were indeed, almost home.


      This short film tells the story of two family members of one of the (fictional) members on board the shuttle. Though six-year-old Abigail, with her wild imagination, fascination for all things cosmic, and playful spirit, desires nothing more than to be an astronaut like her mother, her grandfather, Robert, who is left to take care of her, struggles to keep a positive demeanor for his granddaughter. As he struggles internally with the loss of his daughter, he must decide whether or not he will break the news to his young granddaughter. However, this is also a story of family bonds; of triumphing over a great loss with even greater love, and of nurturing rather than discouraging a child’s imagination.



                                       Please enjoy the Trailer!

Almost Home Teaser

Almost Home Teaser

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Cast & Crew

Director, Writer

Kayla Saunders


Chloe Shelton

Dave Perry, Zane Farmer




Jim Hoover


Bela Ware


Caitlin McAvoy

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