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Behind the Camera

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My name is Kayla Saunders.

Creating films has been my purpose in life before I even realized it. When I look back and think about what has been constant in my life, three things always come to mind. My faith, my family, and a camera in my hand.

I have always had a passion to tell a story and a camera to capture life's great moments. 

I think of my camera as an extension of who I am. A way to see life differently and to show others how I view the world. My passion for filmmaking comes as naturally to me as breathing.

I am a writer, director, and producer of films, but I started out directing theatre when I was in high school. This is when I discovered my passion for directing.


While earning my B.A. from James Madison University, I worked in a multitude of departments in the film world. From P.A to Script supervisor, to producer and now director. Just about anything I could get my hands on. I have always felt that working in a multitude of departments can show me the big picture of how a vision comes together for a film; thus making me a better director in the long run. 


Though I have worked on a multitude of film genres, my ultimate goal is to produce Epic Biblical stories and Biographical stories. 

In my life, I seek to be a voice for the voiceless and to use my gifts to bring hope into the world.

Festival Participation


London Shorts (2021)

New York Flash Film Festival (2021)





Lynchburg 48 Hour Film Festival​ (2017)

Lynchburg 48 Hour Film Festival (2018)

SMADFest (2017-2018)

Lynchburg 48 Hour Film Festival (2019)



* See Awards page for festival winnings*

Film List


"Almost Home" - Writer/ Director (2020)

"Wayward" - Cinematographer (2019)

"My Brothers' Crossing" - Production Coordinator (2019)

The Swerve – P.A. art department (2017)

Closer Than A Sister- Grip- Lynchburg 48hr film fest. (2017)

Iris- Co-writer, producer, script supervisor, set design (2018)

Paper Notes-Script Supervisor (2018)

Your Own Understanding- Director/Exec. Producer/Writer –Lynchburg 48hr film fest. (2018)

Cotton Clouds-Digital imaging technician (DIT)-Period piece-(2018)

Voyant-Director/Writer/Exec. Producer-(2018)

Oversharing-Part time Script Supervisor/ Runner (2019)

My Brothers' Crossing- Production Secretary (onset) (2019)

The Darnedest Thing- Director of Photography

-Lynchburg 48hr film fest. (2019)

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