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Like Moonlight On Water

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After falling in love with dance from an early age, young Layla decides to pursue a career as a professional ballerina. However, when she loses her hearing to Meniere’s disease, her goals become fleeting. Despite those around her suggesting other career paths and telling her her dreams are impossible, Layla remains steadfast as she discovers new strength from within to pursue her dreams.

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  1. Layla: A deaf 18-year-old determined to pursue her goals as a professional ballerina. 

-Seeking actress 18 years old or actress who can play between the ages of 18-23. Requirements: Must be Deaf / Hard-of-Hearing, Fluent in ASL.

-Ballet/dance experience is a plus but not required.

2. Madame Marie/ Monsieur Marice (Can be played by a man or woman): Age 40s-60s. Layla’s ballet instructor and Mentor.  ASL fluency is not required for the Marie/Marice character.

3. Steven: Age 29-40. Layla’s Audiologist. Requirements: Fluent in ASL.

4. Interpreter: Any Age, Male or Female. Layla’s Interpreter at school.

Requirements: Fluent in ASL

5. Donna: Age 29-35. Mother of Tula. Can be Deaf or Hearing.

Requirements: Fluent in ASL

6. Tula: Age 5-6 A little girl who looks up to Layla as a deaf dancer and is very similar to Layla at a young age.

(Requirements: Deaf / Hard-of-Hearing. Knows or is learning to communicate with ASL. As I understand not all children, though deaf, are fully fluent in ASL just yet.)

7. Six-Year-old Layla: Age 5-6. A little girl to play the younger version of Layla before her hearing loss.

To Audition

 please provide your age and contact information along

  1. Your Reel (if you have one)

  2. Your headshot

  3. Your audition Video.

  4. Important note: If you are auditioning for Layla, please send the elements above along with a video of your ballet/dance skills.

*Please send your completed audition and the materials listed above to:

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