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Fundraiser: Like Moonlight On Water

Hi! My name is Kayla Saunders. I am a filmmaker and director located in Roanoke, Va. I am fundraising to raise funds for my new production, Like Moonlight On Water.


The film follows Layla, a hopeful dancer who falls in love with ballet at an early age. When Layla loses her hearing to Meniere's Disease, she remains determined to pursue her passions as a deaf dancer despite deterring voices around her.


This film seeks to create opportunities for actors and creatives in the deaf and hard-of-hearing community as well as preserve American Sign Language within mainstream media; As the majority of the film is communicated in sign language.


My goal is to inspire those in the deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing communities to continue to pursue their dreams no matter how difficult the journey may be. It also serves to educate humanity and diverge our perspective of thinking to understand that differently-abled doesn't mean your dreams are impossible.


What will your funds go to? (estimate numbers)


$5,500-Cast and Crew: Not only do I need to feed my cast and crew members, but I would love to pay them as well.

$2,000-Locations: Locations can be expensive. Especially when you need a theatre auditorium and stage.

$1,500- Equipment: Shooting underwater can be expensive. Especially when you want to capture unique audio.

$800-Props and Wardrobe: A film like this definitely calls for some beautiful wardrobe and set decor.

Moonlight sticker be done.jpg


Your name looks good in ASL!

If you donate $25, I will send you an email with this one-of-a-kind (designed by yours truly) customized digital sticker! Who doesn't love a sticker? Especially one with your name on it. Easily share this sticker on your social media with your friends to help promote the film and show a unique design. And hey, the stickiness never wears off. You can keep it forever.

This one says 'Love' in ASL but it could say your name!)


Your name on the silver screen!

As well as receiving the incentives above, If you donate $100 to the production, your name will be included in the credits of the film. That's one way to, 'let the good times roll.' Get it..because credits roll.

end credit stock image.jpg



You know what's even better than watching a finished film? Seeing how it was made! If you donate $100 to the production, you will receive the above incentives as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes videos, bloopers, and cast interviews. Who doesn't secretly love a secret?


VIP Access!

Who doesn't love being first in line? As well as receiving the incentives above, If you donate $200 or more to the production, you will be given early access to the film. Once the film is determined festival ready, you will be sent a special access code and link to view the film early.

vip stock.jpg
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